Clare Sibson KC, who joined Fountain Court in November 2022, recently took part in a series of videos with Stuart Alford KC of Latham & Watkins’ white collar crime practice, around current trends in UK financial crime enforcement, the personal liabilities of directors, and what company boards should be considering with the evolving expectations for self-reporting.

Part One: Current Enforcement Landscape

In this video, Stuart and Clare warn against complacency with regards to the SFO, and address likely enforcement priorities in the months and years ahead for other prominent agencies, including for the Insolvency Service and Companies House.

Part Two: Directors’ Duties & Liabilities

What personal liabilities do company directors face when fraud or other criminal activity is uncovered within the company? This episode explores the roles and responsibilities of directors and GCs, including some of the new ways that individuals are being held accountable.

Part Three: Corporate Self-Reporting Obligations & Criminal Allegations

Deciding whether to report or investigate a corporate crime is a critical decision for directors – especially in light of a recent court decision suggesting companies have a moral obligation to report suspected crimes. This episode looks at the evolving expectations for self-reporting, and the implications for directors in the future.

The videos can be viewed here.