Junior tenants at Fountain Court Chambers undertake a mixture of led work (working together on a case with a more senior barrister, often also from Fountain Court) and unled work (where the junior barrister is the only barrister on the case). Therefore, a junior tenant’s caseload is very diverse as they are likely to be working on very significant commercial litigation at the same time as handling much smaller, discrete matters on their own.

We strongly encourage junior tenants to undertake as much of their own advocacy work as possible in the first few years of practice, to hone their advocacy skills and gain experience ‘on their feet’.

It is a distinguishing feature of life as a junior tenant that the individual barrister has both a great deal of responsibility from a very early stage and the ability to manage their workload and practice in line with their own commitments and preferences. There are no set working hours, no fixed holiday limits and it is often possible to work from home – all of which gives a junior tenant at Fountain Court a flexibility in their working life, which is seldom found in the early stages of other professional roles.

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