Jacob Turner

Jacob Turner has written an article in the Law Society Gazette, together with AI Policy professional Tristan Goodman, titled ‘To control AI, we should regulate humans’.

There has been much debate as to how to regulate AI, but the focus has tended to be on the countries and companies providing AI systems rather than the individuals who develop them. Turner and Goodman suggest that the development of AI has all the features which justify professional regulation: complexity, opacity, and a potential danger to wider society. It is for these reasons that we regulate lawyers, doctors, accountants and airline pilots. The authors propose that AI development be professionalised, combining a ‘Hippocratic Oath’ for coders with mandatory training and sanctions for non-compliance. The article identifies the UK as being particularly well placed to play a leading role in establishing professionalism as a method for delivering safe, reliable and trustworthy AI.

The Law Society Gazette article can be found here and a longer piece produced by Jacob and Tristan can be found here.