Fountain Court is pleased to have had three of its silks named by Chambers & Partners as 2023 ‘Stars at the Bar’, meaning they have “proved their excellence across a range of practice areas”. Head of Chambers Bankim Thanki KC and fellow senior silks Richard Lissack KC and Anneliese Day KC have been named in the list.

As the only set to have three members named, these listings support our excellent set rankings in both Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500, including top tier rankings for Aviation, Banking & Finance, Commercial Dispute Resolution, Financial Services, Civil Fraud and others.


“Bankim is an outstanding advocate. It’s obvious the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal respect what he has to say and listen carefully.”

“He has a first-rate intellect, is breathtakingly hardworking and is always superbly well prepared. Bankim is an excellent cross-examiner in an unshowy but highly effective way.”

“Bankim Thanki is one of the biggest names at the commercial Bar. He has the respect of judges at the highest level, is a very persuasive advocate and is a trustworthy and straightforward opponent.”

“Bankim is a superb advocate and analyst with a brain the size of a planet.” “He has a lot of gravitas. His submissions and cross-examination skills are fantastic.”


“He is an impressive advocate in court and is able to articulate himself very clearly.”

“Richard is extraordinary. He has incredible output and his productivity is endless.”

“Richard is a first-rate advocate. He is simply wonderful when it comes to reading the room and dealing with difficult questions on his feet.”

“He’s very detailed and understands how his work fits in with the regulator and what they think. He is commercial, gives time to a case and is really nice to work with.”

“He is very experienced and straddles criminal and civil work in a way that not many barristers can do at this level.”

“He is a great advocate who inspires the confidence of the client.”


“She has an impressive way of forming strategy to address new and changing developments in a case.”

“Anneliese is a fantastic advocate and has a very good way of presenting a complicated case in an accessible manner.”

“The skill and judgement with which she demolished each of the other side’s witness was excellent.”

“Anneliese has a Midas touch in the way she communicates with clients and solicitors. She’s a total class act and an outstanding talent.”

“She’s a very sophisticated cross-examiner – firm, but she doesn’t rant and rave; she’s more subtle.”

“She’s untouchable on her feet, when presenting the case and when assimilating a large amount of information in a short amount of time.”