The Privy Council handed down its judgment on 13 May 2014 dismissing Cukurova Holding’s appeal from the decision of the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal permitting Sonera BV to enforce a $ 1 billion dollar arbitration award in its favour issued by an ICC tribunal in Geneva.  The judgment was delivered by Lord Clarke [2014] UKPC 15: a copy of the Privy Council press summary is available here and the judgment here. This is the latest stage in a legal battle between the Scandinavian and Turkish telecoms giants which commenced in 2005.  Bankim Thanki QC and Ben Valentin, representing Sonera, were instructed (together with John Carrington QC of the Eastern Caribbean Bar) by Sullivan & Cromwell LLP  (John Hardiman in New York and Louise Delahunty in London).  Cukurova was represented by One Essex Court’s Ken MacLean QC, James Nadin and David Caplan and Maples & Calder’s Arabella Di Iorio (instructed by White & Case’s John Reynolds and Charles Balmain).