On 3 March 2010 Paul Gott was re-appointed to the Treasury “A” Panel and Henry King was appointed to the Treasury “B” Panel.  All such appointments are for a 5-year term.

Paul has been a junior counsel to the Crown since 1999 and was appointed to the Treasury “A” Panel in 2005.  Paul specialises in a employment and commercial law and regularly advises and acts for Government Departments including: BERR (DTi), Cabinet Office, DCLG, DfT, FSA, Dept of Health, MoJ, DVLA FCO, HMPS, HO, MHS and the MOD. Paul has a particular speciality in industrial relations and recent cases include: British Airways plc v Unite [2009] EWHC 3541 and Metrobus v Unite [2009] IRLR 851.

Henry qualified as a Chartered Accountant at one of the Big Four firms before coming to the Bar in 1998.  He has a broad commercial and civil practice, with particular experience in banking cases and those involving the interpretation and understanding of financial reports.  His notable cases include acting as junior counsel for the Bank of England in the 22 month trial before Tomlinson J of Three Rivers District Council v Governor and Company of the Bank of England.

A number of other Members of Chambers are Treasury Panel Counsel: Richard Coleman, Adam Tolley, Deepak Nambisan, Tamara Oppenheimer and James McClelland.