Fountain Court Chambers

London & Singapore

Pupillage at Fountain Court

Fountain Court aims to take up to four pupils for 12 months each pupillage year (starting in October).

Here is an insight in to pupillage at Fountain Court which aims to dispel any myths about life at the commercial bar. We hope you enjoy seeing what life is really like at Fountain Court; hopefully you will get a sense of our culture, and the importance we place on investing for the future.


Fountain Court competes for the top talent to secure a successful future for our chambers and clients. We want the best people to join us, regardless of background, race, gender or sexual orientation. Fountain Court mentors and supports pupils by offering tailored training during pupillage so they gain experience from more senior members. This approach has a formative effect on Fountain Court Chambers: one that is demonstrated in our successes in court.

Chambers has a friendly, progressive and modern outlook. Pupillage at Fountain Court is an opportunity to work with some of the brightest advocates based in London and be a part of precedent-setting commercial cases.

Beyond exposure to the talented people and stimulating work at Fountain Court Chambers, our pupils learn to work together and gain essential communication skills.  Pupils are encouraged to co-operate with each other, with a view to this supportive ethos being carried on through tenancy. Each pupil has a supervisor who offers opportunities to collaborate on case work and our approachable pupillage committee members can provide additional mentoring.  This established training system helps pupils become barristers by identifying and nurturing potential for success.

During pupillage, we feel there are enough pressures on pupils and so we design our pupillage training so as not to add to them unnecessarily. For example, Fountain Court Chambers’ pupils are not required to undertake any competitive advocacy exercises against each other nor are they set the same pieces of assessed work. All work undertaken during pupillage is relevant to the practice of a member of chambers. We don’t require our pupils to compete with each other but instead evaluate each person individually based on merit.

Fountain Court Chambers is committed to taking on all successful pupils as tenants after evaluation.

Fountain Court – virtual open evening 

Fountain court is hosting a virtual pupillage open evening on Wednesday 3rd November. Members of our pupillage committee will discuss our application process, selection criteria and areas of law in which we specialise. The evening will provide an insight into life at Fountain Court and attendees will hear from our barristers first-hand about their experiences. Please email to register your attendance.