Fountain Court Chambers

London & Singapore

Judiciary and Law Officers

Former and current members who hold or who have held high judicial office and other law offices include:

  • Lord Falconer, Lord Chancellor
  • Lord Bingham KG, Master of the Rolls, Lord Chief Justice and Senior Law Lord
  • Lord Scarman, Law Lord
  • Lord Wilson, Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Lord Burrows, Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Sir Mark Potter, President of the Family Division
  • Lord Justice Brooke, Vice-President of the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal
  • Lord Justice Orr
  • Lord Justice Henry
  • Lord Justice Underhill
  • Mr Justice Wintringham Stable
  • Mr Justice Melford Stevenson
  • Mr Justice Raymond Phillips
  • Mr Justice Webster
  • Mr Justice Timothy Walker
  • Mr Justice Morison
  • Mr Justice Langley
  • Mr Justice Andrew Smith
  • Mr Justice Stadlen
  • Mr Justice Marcus Smith
  • Mr Justice Waksman
  • Mr Justice Michael Green
  • Sir Francis Jacobs QC, Advocate General of the European Court of Justice
  • Lord Goldsmith QC, Attorney-General