Fountain Court Chambers

London & Singapore

Pupillage Selection Criteria

Each year, we expect to take on up to four pupils who are selected based on academic and intellectual abilities as well as oral and written communication skills.  Also, we assess each applicant’s understanding of and interest in our work. Fountain Court Chambers welcomes applications from law and non-law graduates alike; priority is given to applicants with high academic achievements and successful applicants tend to have first class degrees.

The criteria by which we select our pupils, and ultimately our tenants are:

  • Academic and intellectual ability.
  • Advocacy and communication skills, including: clarity of expression; ability to think and respond under pressure; and potential capacity as advocate.
  • Potential to be a successful self-employed practitioner at the Commercial Bar, including: interest and understanding in the type of work done by chambers; potential ability to work well with members of chambers, solicitors, clients, staff and other pupils; determination; resilience; and integrity.

We want to recruit the best and brightest candidates whatever their background and whether or not they are originally studied law at university. As the mini-biographies in the previous section show, we are a mixture of different people from a range of backgrounds, some of whom did not even originally consider the Bar as a career at all.

We have sought to develop procedures for selecting pupils which, without being unduly onerous or time-consuming, are fair and do not discriminate against any applicant on grounds of race, sex, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, age, political persuasion or any other protected characteristic.  We welcome any observations or suggestions that might improve our procedures.

We positively encourage applications from groups who are currently under-represented in Chambers such as women and those from ethnic minorities.

We recognise that Fountain Court Chambers has a responsibility to those not offered tenancies, so we try to assist with tenancies in other chambers doing similar work, and have considerable success in doing so.

There is more information in the Fountain Court Chambers Pupillage Brochure