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Mini Biographies – Natasha, 2009 call

While at university, pursuing a career at the Bar seemed like a risky option. There were horror stories as to the expense of Bar School, the scarcity of pupillages and uncertainty as to the longevity of the independent bar. Taking that risk was one of the best decisions I have made. There are ample scholarships available to pay for Bar School and the generous pupillage award can be drawn down in part a year in advance to help cover any residual living costs. Rather than shrinking, the commercial bar is thriving, with parties across the world choosing to resolve their commercial disputes in London.

As a tenant at Fountain Court I have been involved in a number of complex, high value, multi-jurisdictional disputes and have spent four months working in Singapore on secondment. It is a demanding and challenging job, involving long hours at times, however the work is interesting and importantly being self-employed there is a degree of flexibility in respect of how you manage your workload and your time. From the outset you are afforded real responsibility advising and representing clients in court, on your own. On top of the high profile cases, Fountain Court is also simply a great place to be. There is a real collegiate atmosphere and excellent role models to learn from along the way.

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