Fountain Court Chambers

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Mini Biographies – James, 2005 call

On the face of it, I had a conventional route to the Bar: Oxbridge educated, did the BCL, and a white male. But, while all of those things are true, that’s not the whole picture. I grew up on a council estate and was entitled to free school meals at my local comprehensive school; and no one from my family had ever gone to university, let alone worked in a profession, before I got a place at Oxford to read law.

But the most important thing is that none of that mattered once I arrived in chambers. From the moment of my pupillage interview, I have found Fountain Court to be a genuinely welcoming and friendly place to work. I count members of chambers among my closest friends: I have been best man to one and have been on holiday with half a dozen more. There are always doors open to ask a fellow member of chambers about a tricky legal point – or to discuss last night’s match or television show. There cannot be many places where you can work alongside people as bright and successful but who are also as approachable and keen to lend a hand as members here.

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