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Law of Bank Payments

“I have been using this book since the first edition in 1996 and this is my first, and usually last, port of call for the answer to any question relating to the law of bank payments. It has always been extremely well written and well organised with clear language and focus. The latest edition is no exception and I am, as with the previous editions, extremely happy to recommend it without reservation. It will be of great use to commercial lawyers in practice, judges dealing with commercial matters and academics specialising in banking and commercial law areas.”
Professor Andrew Campbell, Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation,  2011.

Authors: Michael Lerego QC, Michael Brindle QC, Raymond Cox QC, Bankim Thanki QC, Patricia Robertson QC, Marcus Smith QC, John Taylor, Richard Coleman, Patrick Goodall, James McClelland and Richard Power

Banking and Payment Services Regime

In House Lawyer magazine.

Authors: Raymond Cox QC