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Your pupillage application

Please note that from 2017 the Pupillage Gateway timetable (for 2018 pupillages) has changed and the deadline for submitting applications is now 7 February 2017. Please check the Pupillage Gateway website at   for details. For applications in 2017 Fountain Court will not require a mini-pupillage as part of the applications process.

Applications for pupillage should be made through the Bar Council’s Pupillage Gateway, a central clearing house requiring you to complete a single, standard application form listing your choice of chambers for pupillage. When applying, you should also send references directly to Tati Giatagana at Fountain Court Chambers, Fountain Court, Temple, London EC4Y 9DH.

A timetable is available at the Pupillage Gateway. As set out above, the deadline for applications in 2017 is 7 February, with final round interviews expected to take place the first weekend of April.